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Cold outbound your prospects will love receiving ❤️

You’re a founder and you need to drive sales to win. But chances are, you weren’t an SDR or an account executive before this - we weren’t either when we were building our last company. And there are probably a million other things you have to deal with that you’re thinking about in the back of your mind right now, even as you’re reading this.

Here were some questions we found ourselves asking each other (and Google):

  • How do we close more sales, faster?
  • We’ve exhausted our warm connections - now what?
  • What can I do to convince a prospect before my competitor does?
  • Are we getting ghosted an average or above-average amount?
  • Which sales tools actually work and won’t cost me a year of runway?

The best salespeople don’t spray and pray, so you shouldn’t either.

We wanted to build the sales and growth infrastructure we would’ve wanted as founders who needed to out-execute to survive, complete with battle-tested game plans we learned from some of the highest-performing sales reps at companies with logos you’d definitely recognize.

Cut through the noise by building trust before selling product.

We help teams create and deliver personalized sales experiences that delight cold prospects and turn them into obsessed customers, because a few sentences of text probably don’t do your value prop justice.

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